Note to self: Cricut tips

Today’s craft: a DVC Spreadsheets water bottle!

Every once in a while I get an idea for a Cricut project. The learning curve is not too steep, but I tend to forgot certain tricks that would make my life easier if I could remember them. So, while they’re fresh in my head, I will list them here:

  • When merging layers in a design file, most often I should be using Attach or Weld, NOT Flatten. This is because I make projects with Basic Cuts, not Print and Cut. The Flatten tool preserves different pixel colors and results in a Print and Cut project.
  • “Attach” preserves the individual layers that have been merged. “Weld” will smooth the layers into one outline layer.
  • When weeding, peel back all the narrow corners and crevices, not just the bubbles. The machine may need to be re-calibrated to produce a finer cut.
  • Make sure the mat is loaded and engaged to the grid line before starting the cut!
  • If the surface you’re decorating has a protective film (such as the plastic wrap on a new water bottle), don’t remove the film until just before transferring your design to the surface!
  • If small bubbles appear after transfer, they might disappear over time. If not, use a thin pin to prick the bubbles. Or try a blow dryer!

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