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Hiya, pal! Have you been wondering when you’ll break even on your Disney Vacation Club contract? Scratching your head as you try to keep track of how much you’ve spent, how much you’ve saved, how much your rental income has offset your initial purchase?

If so, we have a tool for you: the DVC Savings Tracker!

DVC Savings Tracker is a customized spreadsheet of your DVC transactions, with a running calculator to track how when you will break even and how much you’ve saved so far.

*NEW!* See a demo of DVC Savings Tracker here!

Here is an early version of the tracker:

An early iteration of DVC Savings Tracker

If the spreadsheet scares you, fear not: All your information is collected via an easy-to-use form, and the Tracker is updated automatically!

Form for updating your Tracker. Easy peasy!


  • Computes your effective dues (which, because of escrow, don’t always match reports exactly),
  • Estimates the cost of your vacation if you had rented your points, and computes how much you saved by owning your DVC points,
  • Calculates your rental income if you rent out your points to a guest,
  • Takes into account your initial contract cost, annual dues, market rate for renting points, and rental income to compute your total savings and net balance!


  • Calculations are an estimation only, based on what you enter as the market rate for your points.
  • Calculations do not account for differences in dues for banked and borrowed points; the dues are assumed to be the same as for the year of the reservation.
  • Once a row entry is made, it cannot be edited from the user side due to read-only access. (However, revisions can be made by request.)
  • Use Year is ignored.

So are you ready to start? Here’s the process to get your customized DVC Savings Tracker:

  • Click here to fill out the registration form; be sure to review the Terms and Conditions
  • Submit your $20 setup fee with your Google email address
  • You will receive a link to your personalized DVC Savings Tracker and the accompanying personalized form that you will use to enter your data

Enter your name
Enter email for Tracker setup

Sound easy? It is. But just in case, we (a lifelong Disney fan/former Cast Member and her family) would be glad to help you get going.

By the way, this is a fun project we are doing on the side. We promise to do our best to be timely with all transactions and communications, but the real world may be keeping us a bit sometimes.

Also, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please drop us a line!

Thanks for stopping by!

DVC Spreadsheets