How Many Points Do I Need for This Trip?

On the Disney Vacation Club website, you can use the booking tool to calculate how many points your reservation will cost. You select your room size options (Studio, One Bedroom, etc.), the resort(s) where you would like to stay, and the dates of your trip. The result you get shows resort availability and the number of points required to book the reservation.

This information is useful, but comparing your options is cumbersome because it is delivered as a long list. What if you don’t need to check availability just yet, but you want to see how many points you would need for various rooms at different resorts? It makes sense to look at this information in a table, so that you can compare between resorts and room sizes.

Thanks to, you can get an answer to this very question!

For example, say we want to look at how many points we need to stay at Grand Floridian or Bay Lake Tower January 1-7, 2023. We are deciding whether to get a 2BR or two studios. We can select all the different room types, or only specific views (Standard View, Lake View, etc.). The results are displayed like this:

You can quickly and easily see how many points are required to book the different rooms, assuming they are available. The chosen dates can be changed in the top left, and the booking windows for home and non-home resort owners are displayed in the top right.

This is a great quick tool to begin figuring out how many points you need for your trip!

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