Get DVC Points Ledger

Looks like I need 59 more points for that Bungalow!

Do you have trouble keeping track of your points?

When planning ahead, it can be helpful to forecast how many points you will have depending on various transactions. If you need a tool to keep track of how you bank, borrow, and book your points, this DVC Points Ledger could be useful to you.

Directions are included in the top right. For each Use Year, enter the number of points that are banked TO the next year or borrowed FROM the next year. This accounting is important to ensure transactions are not mistakenly counted twice. Once the information is entered, the appropriate additions or deductions are applied to the following year. The Use Year’s available points are also updated accordingly.

The red column lists points that need to be used or banked for the Use Year, or they will be forfeited. Check here for unused points still in bold!

Next, list your reservations. Up to 20 reservations can be listed for each Use Year. The reservation points are automatically deducted from the Use Year’s available points.

Additionally, if you don’t have enough points for the reservation(s), the number needed will be highlighted in yellow. You might then borrow this amount from the next year.

To get your own DVC Points Ledger:

  • You must have a Google account to access the Points Ledger
  • Click here to fill out registration form; be sure to review the Terms and Conditions
  • Submit your $10 registration fee with your Google email address
  • You will receive a link to your personalized DVC Points Ledger with instructions for setup

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