A Bank and Borrow tool

Bank them, borrow them, but don’t lose them!

Have you ever lost your DVC points because you forgot to bank them? (Some of us don’t have that problem. Some of us are perpetually borrowing from the next year…)

It’s a circle. First, that sinking feeling in your gut…hurriedly logging in to dvcmember.com to check your DVC Dashboard…then rage…then disappointment and back to that sinking feeling in your gut.

It’s great news that DVC recently reinstated borrowing options at 100% of your allotment! Let DVC Points Ledger help you keep track of your points with easy access through your Google account, so that you can be sure to use those points wisely.

Besides tracking your existing reservations, the Points Ledger also helps you plan trips by allowing you to see how many points would be needed. It does the math for you and shows you how many points would be left if you bank or borrow. Perhaps most importantly, it alerts you to points that might go unused if not banked. Don’t lose those points! See examples here.

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